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Get one uptime check free

DigitalOcean Uptime alerts you to endpoint issues across four global regions with checks at one-minute intervals, customizable down to one millisecond of latency detection. Get alerted when your assets may be slow, down, or vulnerable to SSL attacks. Your first uptime check is free.

Respond to critical events quickly

Keep your app humming—and your customers happy—with the ability to react to issues as they come up.

Automated monitoring of critical services

Set up automatic uptime checks for your critical services so you can respond quickly to issues.

Constantly monitor any available endpoint on any cloud

Monitor your assets—24 hours a day, seven days a week—all you need is a URL or IP address to track performance and uptime.

Discover patterns that can save money and time

The latency graph and alerts improve decision making, save resources, and keep customers happy.

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As a solo-developer of a popular photo platform it’s crucial for me to focus on the users and their needs while Uptime helps me to react extremely fast when services don’t work as expected.


Founder, Locationscout.net

We use DigitalOcean Uptime to monitor our services and make sure they’re all operational. “Uptime” is effective, reliable and costs only a fraction compared to similar services. As a long-time DigitalOcean user, all we can say is thank you! It’s always great to see DigitalOcean developing new helpful tools for their clients. This review is an honest one. We love Uptime

René Hermenau

Founder, wp-staging.com

Create an Uptime monitor in a flash

See how easy it is to create a monitor for your critical services.

Get notified. Fix the issue. Stay competitive.

DigitalOcean Uptime alerts you of issues with your endpoints and notifies you so you can act fast to fix them.

Dig into latency with a metric graph to find patterns from one hour to 90 days.

A 30-day global average uptime, SSL certificate expiry, and most recent outage keep you informed.

Create up to five alerts per uptime monitor to check your endpoints at different limits.

Set up monitors in up to four regions so your services run as expected wherever your customers are.

Simple pricing & superior support

One free uptime check—pay only $1 for more

Monitor an endpoint for free with any DigitalOcean account and pay $1 for each additional monitor.

World-class support

Three levels of support services are designed to meet your needs whether you are a startup, large business, or anything in between.

Detailed documentation

Learn more about our features, pricing, platform status, API, release notes, and limitations.

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