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Choose the cloud solutions you need


Virtual Machines

$4/ month*
  • checkmarkDeploy in seconds
  • checkmarkScale up on demand
  • checkmarkRun any workload – from mission critical apps to low traffic sites


$12/ month*
  • checkmarkSimple, managed Kubernetes
  • checkmarkFree control plane
  • checkmarkScale automatically, high availability

App Platform

$0/ month*
  • checkmarkBuild, deploy and scale apps quickly
  • checkmarkFully managed solution, zero infrastructure management
  • checkmarkHighly scalable


$0/ month*
  • checkmarkFocus on building great apps
  • checkmarkPay for what you use
  • checkmarkScale automatically


Fully Managed

$15/ month*
  • checkmarkManaged MongoDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL, and Redis
  • checkmarkWorry-free setup, maintenance, and easy migration
  • checkmarkFree daily backups, automated failover, and more!


Object storage

$5/ month*
  • checkmarkS3-compatible object storage
  • checkmarkHighly scalable
  • checkmarkBuilt in CDN


Block storage

$10/ month*
  • checkmarkBlock storage
  • checkmarkHighly available
  • checkmarkEasily scale block storage, resize when needed, and move them between droplets

Load balancers

12/ month*
  • checkmarkImprove availability, performance, and scalability
  • checkmarkLet’s Encrypt and HTTP/2 support
  • checkmarkCompatible with Droplets and DigitalOcean Kubernetes

Container Registry

$0/ month*
  • checkmarkEasily store and manage private container images
  • checkmarkTransfer container images over high-speed HTTPs connections to servers across four continents

Support Plan

$0/ month*
  • checkmarkFind answers to common questions, development guidelines written by experts and get free email support
  • checkmarkIdeal for those testing ideas and hosting small applications
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Newly added

$0/ month*
  • checkmarkUptime and latency checks
  • checkmarkAlerts by email and Slack
  • checkmark1 Uptime Check/month included with every account

Platform benefits

All the capabilities you need to build and scale your apps, included at no additional cost.

  • checkmarkBuild and deploy 3 static sites for free
  • checkmarkTransfer to and within VPCs is free, create as many VPCs as you want for no additional cost
  • checkmarkFree Reserved IPs when assigned to a Droplet
  • checkmarkIndustry leading bandwidth pricing, Droplets include free outbound data transfer, starting at 500 GiB / mo
  • checkmarkFree DNS management
  • checkmarkFree container registry with 1 repository and 500 MiB storage
  • checkmarkFree cloud firewalls
  • checkmarkCollect metrics on visibility, monitor Droplet performance, and get free alerts when problems arise in your infrastructure
  • checkmarkUse 90,000 GiB-seconds per month for free with DigitalOcean Functions. There are no additional charges for function invocations.

Experience a 186% return on investment

A Total Economic Impact study by Forrester found that an organization experiences benefits of $2.37 million over three years versus costs of $829,000, adding up to a net present value (NPV) of $1.55 million and an ROI of 186%. An organization using DigitalOcean finds a payback of their investment in less than 6 months.

Industry-leading bandwidth pricing

Keep your bandwidth costs low with generous transfer quotas and outbound overage at just $0.01/GiB.

Frequently asked questions

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, PayPal, Google Pay, and Apple Pay. Apple pay requires a Safari browser. For additional payment options, including wire transfer, purchase orders, and ACH, please contact us. Note that when you add a card, we may send a temporary pre-authorization request to the issuing bank. This pre-authorization charge is immediately released by DigitalOcean but may take a few days to clear from your card depending on the bank.

Our pricing is based on a single Droplet. You may have created additional resources and this could be the reason for the higher bill. You can check your bill in the control panel to get details on the various resources you are using. If you need help, please contact support.

DigtalOcean billing cycles are monthly. Typically, on the first day of each month we invoice and automatically charge your account’s primary payment method for the previous month’s usage. In some cases, we might charge if your usage exceeds a threshold. You can also login and self pay the balance at any time.

Your card will be charged only after you have utilized the free credits. For example, if you received a $200 credit for 60 days, then that $200 credit is automatically applied to your account. If you spend $25 in that timeframe, then your card will not be charged. If you spend $300, then the $200 credit would be fully utilized and your card will be charged only $100. Since the credit is valid for 60 days, you won’t be able to use any remaining credit after 60 days.

No. Your card is only charged at the end of the billing cycle or upon exceeding a usage threshold. Pre-authorization charge: When you add a card, we may send a preauthorization request to the issuing bank. This is to verify that the card being added has been issued by the bank and that they will authorize any charges in future. These temporary pre-authorizations are typically $1 but can vary in range and are immediately canceled by us. Depending on your bank, it might take a few days for the charge to clear from the card.

We charge you for the underlying compute on which the 1-Click Apps runs.

We’re required by law to apply taxes in some countries. Click here to learn whether we collect taxes in your country, what the tax rate is, etc.

Still have questions?

Have a complex setup or additional questions around pricing? Contact our sales team to get more information on DigitalOcean pricing.